Waste Land



Waste Land is my graduation project at Polytechnic Institute of Bari. The title comes from a quote by Guido Viale, from the book Un mondo usa e getta in which he traces the key points of the environmental degradation.
This topic is much wider than men would think, so the aim of my work was to give an overview of the problem, trying to simplify complex concepts, making them understandable and accessible to any reader and also pleasant and easy to read.
This was possible through information design, which allowed me to experiment with unconventional forms of representation.

Wasteland Cover

The book consists of four sections that describe the final work step by step:
The topic
Visual sperimentations

Waste Land 1
Waste Land 2
Waste Land
Waste Land
Waste Land
Waste Land
Waste Land
Waste Land
Waste Land Poster 1
Waste Land Poster 2
Waste Land Poster 3

Thesis project designed by Rita Petrilli
Department of Industrial Design | Polytechnic Institute of Bari | July 2010
Prof.: Nino Perrone